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Here we embark to new markets. There are no guarantees but instead endless possibilities! We offer intense technical market research, limiting your risk and introducing new possibilities.


Technology and market-research

Do you have a new technology or product? Are you unsure of which market to enter? We research industry trends, economic data and technical information, but also in scientific publications, to deliver in-depth market research. From this market analysis, insight is provided into different scenarios of market development over the next few years. Our market analysis relies on technological analysis, setting us apart from normal market-research.


Together with you possibilities and risks are evaluated. The future is never certain but with such data in hand the outlook is clearer.

Two examples:

The current status of key industry patents is very important information. Knowing for example that important IP rights are near their expirations, you can exploit this possibility with your new products. We will guide your development department exactly to the goal, with our technical market studies.

A totally different situation in saturated markets:

If we analyze the technical trends in a market and see no innovation gap, market access is very risky and will fail. We guide your development activities away from costly failures towards other markets.


Besides data, people play a major role! We develop new contacts at trade shows and conferences, and within these environments have the excellent opportunity to collect unbiased industry information. This additional information makes the decision for market entry easier.

How does this work?

In addition to normal market-research, we also analyze emerging technologies, patents and scientific data. Together with direct contacts at trade shows and scientific conferences, we form a likely future market scenario.


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Dr. Georg Astl,

Managing Director

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