Complaint Management


We structure the internal complaint management of your company. With complaint management being efficiently performed, products are improved and customers bound. We standardize your procedures, locate problems and offer solutions. Performance measurement methods are established and client behavior is modeled in different markets. Customers are retained because you take them seriously!


The correct treatment of complaints is a legal obligation in many industries. Furthermore all companies running a Quality Management system like ISO 9001, have to follow standards for complaint management. Together with you we standardize your procedures and plan your processes to be fault tolerant, providing high process stability. Your team optimizes the intake and internal processing of the complaint. With clear rules you achieve stable processes.



We define new performance measurement indicators that establish an early warning system allowing for timely counteraction. We further map the whole process off complaint management so that you have full cost visibility. This is the foundation of process optimization.

Process optimization

Faulty products cause complaints. With complaints valuable insight into production problems is gained. Products are then improved based on client feedback. Better products, strong client retention, higher turn over.


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