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Here are some past project examples (and their challenges):


  • New retention system for paper machines (Challenges: Regulatory status, efficiency)
  • New tear tape system (Challenges: Same run ability as competitor, patents)
  • Development of highly opaque papers (Challenges: paper machine limits, filler types, retention)
  • Low Side Stream cigarette paper (Challenges: Regulatory, aroma, filler, patents)
  • Polishing technologies (Challenges: Efficiency, different system)


  • Methods for Sensory Analysis of packaging materials & Chemometric evaluation and prediction
  • Vibration analysis of machines (Challenges: differentiate between vibrations and couplings; electrical system)
  • Analysis of PH3 fumigation residues (Challenges: toxicity, surface analysis methods, kinetic)

(Manufacturing) Process Improvements

  • Industrial clarification plant (Challenges: increase sedimentation rate, dewatering, lower BOD without plant extension)
  • Aluminum foil lamination process (Challenges: unclear run ability quality issues, Regulatory, cost)
  • Oriented PP foil production line (Challenges: unclear blocking quality issues)
  • Filter maker improvements (Challenges: strong interactions between several parameters, cost constraints)


Quality & Supplier Improvements

  • GMP introduction & roll out
  • Process validation system development & global roll out
  • DOE introduction & global roll out
  • EVOP introduction
  • Development of Supplier Ranking system & global roll out
  • Supplier improvement program roll out (Challenges: Decrease quality issues min. 50% )


Consumer Feedback Management

  • Health complaint process & roll out (Challenges: Balance between Legal- Manufacturing- Marketing- Lab)
  • Consumer complaint handling system development & global roll out (Challenges: outsourced software development, trainings, extensive tests)
  • Development statistical tools for predictions & trends

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