All companies are in a constant process of change. We support you with the necessary change management by facilitating your workshops and following up on the results. We then measure the performance of the change management and fine tune if necessary.



Are you aiming to change your processes? Do you aspire to introduce new values and procedures? If so, then the “Prepare and Facilitateworkshop is for you: neutral and objective this workshop helps you to avoid emotional conflicts and shortens the time of implementation. Within our workshop full concentration can be given to the purpose of change management. Our facilitation leads to a sustainable change in culture and processes.


We facilitate your workshops so that you may concentrate fully on the content while we take care of the preparation and the event itself. The workshop is structured for visible results and satisfied participants. Measurement of success is important! After two to three months we review results with your team to assure full achievement of goals. If necessary we adjust and once more review the optimization cycle.

Contact us for more information:

Dr. Georg Astl,

Managing Director

Telefon: +41.22.552.0562

E-Mail: georg.astl@eoswiss.ch

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