Hand grip sensor

Hand grip sensor

We have developed this new hand grip sensor to accurately measure position and pressure of all fingers and the hand. Now very detailed studies about the biomechanics of the hand are possible.

Hand grip and sports

Even simple activities like grasping a glass of water or holding a golf club are highly complex activities. In normal life we are not aware how complex the interplay of hand muscles is with even simple tasks. However, when you start learning new sports like golf or tennis, then you will quickly realize how important the positions of hand and fingers are.


Diagnostics also needs a detailed picture about force and positioning. Before and after operations, also as rehabilitation tool pressure and position measurements provide a much more detailed picture about the biomechanical activity and staus of the hand.

The challenge however was to measure the biomechanical functions of the hand and fingers in real time.

The new hand grip sensor

This connected device is our latest development. A flexible sensor is embedded on different instruments. More than 3000 pixel precisely measure position and force of hand and fingers with high time resolution.

Data are transmitted to a smartphone or another smart device. Data may be stored, analyzed or shared- just as you like.

In addition to the sensor, the transmission technology we can also develop the data analysis algorithm (pattern recognition) to facilitate learning and diagnosis.


The technology is patent pending. We are now commercializing our technology.

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