Industry experience


Medical Device Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry,Paper and Cardboard Industry, Packaging Industry, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Micro-Technique Industry,Chemical Industry, Engineering Industry



Project examples


  • New retention system for paper machines
  • “Tear tape” product development
  • High opacity speciality papers
  • Development of “Low Side Stream” ultra- lightweight papers
  • New method for porosity measurements
  • New polishing technology


  • Sensory analysis as routine quality control; development of SIMCA modeling (a statistical tool) for classification
  • Vibration analysis of paper machines
  • Residue analysis of phosphine fumigation in agricultural goods, i.e. “yellow dust problem”

Process improvements

  • Improvements in wastewater treatment plants (sedimentation, pressing, flocculation)
  • Optimization of aluminum foil lamination
  • Various machine optimizations (higher output, higher quality but lower costs)

Quality improvements

  • GMP introduction in factories
  • Implementation of supplier management and supplier improvement schemes
  • Implementation of quality improvement tools on the shop floor

Complaint management

  • Reorganization of the complaint procedure (lower processing time, standardized complaint management)
  • Complaint management for a multisite/multi country Corporation


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