The act of innovating is the invention of a new product. Actual innovations are the result of successful introduction of such a product in the market. Together in our consulting and innovation workshops we make innovations out of your ideas.


Market trends, developments and tendencies are estimated based on our experience and common sense. We further analyze emerging technologies, and estimate future competitors’ responses. All this is done in collaboration with you and your team in workshops, meetings rooms and in the factory.

How do we do this?

  1. Analysis of technology-and patent
  2. Analysis of competitor (SWOT) and market trends
  3. Research of scientific literature
  4. Monitoring of industry trends (which product is suitable for the market in five years?)

Taking these many facets into consideration, we team up with you and your people and create several ideas, concepts and proposals with several developments being considered in parallel. Upon completion of the initial phase, feasibility is judged and the most promising ideas selected. Typically we keep one or two potential proposals to be developed further. The goal is a product with specifications and a way how to develop and produce it. We go beyond sole idea creation.


Contact us for a first conversation:

Dr. Georg Astl,

Managing Director

Telefon: +41.22.552.0562


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