Kaizen – Seminar


Kaizen is Japanese and stands for the continuous improvement process in client factories. Participants learn important techniques on how to localize, measure and improve problems. With this training the ability to organize the continuous improvement process of one’s company is achieved. Different methods are presented for root cause analysis and problem resolution techniques. Kaizen is a teamwork process and happens in small steps every day.


In this seminar participants test several new tools for process improvement, and learn how to sustainably implement these tools in the workplace. After this training participants can successfully use Kaizen tools and improve processes.

Content of the Kaizen Seminar

  1. What should be improved and why?
  2. Measurement of the current situation:
    1. Inspection charts
    2. Pareto charts
  3. Analyzing the defect:
    1. Collecting proposals
    2. Visualization and selection of proposals


Improvement process

  1. Plan and implement improvement proposals
    1. A3 form
    2. Visual management
  2. Success control
    1. Meeting culture
    2. Implementation

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Dr. Georg Astl,

Managing Director

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E-Mail: georg.astl@eoswiss.ch




Kaizen 3 Copyright Dr. Georg Astl


Don’t worry! You do not have to learn Japanese to use Kaizen techniques. In fact many of the so called Kaizen methods are based on industrial practices imported from Europe and US to Japan. We show you the Kaizen methods already translated to European requirements.

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