Lean management


Within this seminar participants discover the principles of Lean Management regarding the reduction of waste and shortening of throughput time. Theoretical principles are taught but learning takes place with practical exercises. After this training participants are able to easily implement Lean Management in their respective departments.



Day 1

  • How to avoid waste?
  • Value stream mapping
  • Cyclic time and flow

Day 2

  • Production cell
  • Scheduling
  • Improvement process

Day 3

  • Supplier and clients
  • How to implement Lean Management?
  • The Lean culture


With this workshop participants learn how to implement Lean Methods in their own Production Department. Production processes become quicker, the throughput time becomes shorter and costs are reduced.


Contact us for more information:

Dr. Georg Astl,

Managing Director

Telefon: +41.22.552.0562

E-Mail: georg.astl@eoswiss.ch



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