Micro – and Nano – Structuring


We are working with one of the leading European laser centers. We modifiy metallic and ceramic surfaces with our latest laser technology. We develop your new laser surface structuring method. And transfer it into your production.


Nano structured surfaces offer fundamental advantages:

  • Modified wettability (important for osseointegration)
  • (Micro/ Nano) structure changes tribology; new esthetic features in hard materials
  • Coloring without dyes or color pigments

A changed adsorption behavior through improved wetting is considered as one important factor for osseointegration. Nano sized surface structure modifies the wetting properties of the surface. Hydrophobic  or hydrophilic behavior is induced.

We laserstructure metallic or (very hard) ceramic, glassy materials in the micron or nanometer size range.

We do the research work, until the process is ready for the pilot plant. After the successful process validation, we transfer process and know how to your manufacturing site. We make sure; the start up will be smooth and hassle free!

You have an efficient development process, while you keep costs reasonable. Your production process will be cost efficient and a competitive advantage!


Contact us for more information:

Dr. Georg Astl,

Managing Director

Telefon: +41.22.552.0562

E-Mail: georg.astl@eoswiss.ch