Process improvement in production


Real process improvements need to happen on the factory shop floor. Simple investigative methods are tied together in an 8D report, and defects are localized through systematic machine variations of the manufacturing process. In the next step machine settings are optimized and quality improved. The whole process of optimization is done during normal production. Capacity is not lost nor are defective parts produced.



  1. Inspection charts
  2. Pareto chart
  3. Multiple variation charts
  4. Control cards
  5. 8D report

Process optimization

  1. Analysis of variance
  2. Pairwise comparison
  3. Variable search, interaction


This training equips participants with the knowledge of how to optimize machines during running production. Participants learn how to produce an 8D report with solid date and also how to discover the root cause by evaluating the defect structure. With the same data the participants optimize the production process, improve the quality and lower the costs.

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Rolling unit 3 Copyright Dr. Georg Astl


Real improvements only happen at the shop-floor. That is why we have built this Workshop. The focus is on immediate usability on the shop floor. Work with your group systematically on production improvement.

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