Process optimization


Together as one team we optimize processes to reach concrete objectives: the removal of obstacles and optimization of new procedures (Lean Management).


Lean management

Within the first meeting, goals are fixed with the management, and a way how to go ahead is defined.

We use a variety of tools from Lean Management but are not limited to this method. The new process involves a first-run in a testing environment before the product goes live. After several months the process performance is once again measured and final adjustments are made. Together with you the new procedures are implemented on the shop floor, in office and in meeting rooms. We are experts in change management and shall implement the new processes without surprises!


First we fix the process. Only in a second step is a software solution discussed. In our consulting, focus is on simple processes and procedures. Simpler procedures equal higher performance.

Change management

Often it is a difficult task to determine why a process is not functioning. What are the true obstacles to optimal performance? Many improvement projects stall after some time because they neglect to consider the human component; that the process is made for people. With our change management we build processes that fit the people. Only then is sustainability achieved!

Process measurement

Process measurement for certain procedures involves easy questions: How many people are queuing? What is the process time to produce one part? What is the efficiency of the machine? Etc.

Alternatively, some optimizations need highly complicated mathematical procedures. Such questions are handled with our own statistical methods using multivariate models.

Only the goal counts! We use methods from business process management, Six Sigma Methods and statistics are paired with our experience and common sense.

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