Quality improvements


In partnership with you we improve product quality with our structured process optimization. We handle even more difficult cases with our own self developed methods as well as the utilization of Six Sigma Methods. Continuous improvement methods (“Kaizen methods”) are implemented on your factory shop floor.

Process optimization

Modern operations continuously improve their processes with process performance being measured with Six Sigma Methods. Together we work to achieve the following goals:

  • Stable processes
  • Higher-quality and reduced costs

Working as a team we optimize administration processes and manufacturing processes to achieve sustainable results.


In Japan it is called “Kaizen”, while in Europe the term ”continuous process improvement” is used. The method itself is not complicated, however implementation in Europe must be varied from implementation Japan.We introduced “Kaizen” methods and implemented and adapted them to central Europe. With such conversion the system is accepted and effectively used. Our clients profit from faster processes, better products and lower costs.

Our own methods

We provide statistical analysis as an outsourced service! We optimize machines with our own experimental designs (“DIMOPT™”), and monitor and analyze your SPC data. Your data is joined with different sources, resulting in models being built which consider the numerous points of the obtained data. We support your decision with first class data, models and simulations!

Contact us for more information:

Dr. Georg Astl,

Managing Director

Telefon: +41.22.552.0562

E-Mail: georg.astl@eoswiss.ch

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