Supplier relationship management


Supplier relationship management starts with a reliable supplier rating. We audit your suppliers, perform value stream mapping and stipulate quality improvements. Price, logistic, new developments, warehousing and flexibility are important parameters for the supplier rating. With strong suppliers, lower costs and competitive advantage are gained.


Value stream mapping

This technique is used to localize points of value creation and value loss in the manufacturing process of your suppliers. Suppliers often produce up to 75% off the overall value. Therefore we focus on and optimize the client-supplier relationship. Here more value is created than in your own manufacturing line! With the technique of value stream mapping we analyze the suppliers processes and how they are connected to your in-house processes. We work to make this connection as streamlined as possible.

Supplier rating

The supplier rating forms the base of supplier relationship management. We establish meaningful performance indicators that measure flexibility, support for new developments, service and support with manufacturing problems, efficiency and production. With these numbers your suppliers are optimized for best performance, increasing efficiency!

Supplier development

We build a reliable base for a constructive collaboration with our process audits. This is not an ISO 9001 audit. We search for and improve weak points in your supplier’s manufacturing process. This strengthens the supplier AND the client. Neutrality and fair balance are important to us! Both suppliers and clients respect our audit results.

With our supplier management we develop your suppliers. Their processes then fit to you and your profit with improved quality and reduced costs.

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