Supply chain management seminar


Here participants learn the basic structures of different supply chains. Supply chains are analyzed and synchronized with Lean Management Methods. Participants acquire the skill of measuring added value at the supplier level and also in the manufacturing chain. How to improve supplier management and win a competitive advantage is discussed in the framework of higher-quality at lower prices!

This supply chain management seminar is a recipes book how to organize and improve your supply chain.


A majority of factories only add 30% of value to the same finished goods their suppliers have delivered! Therefore it makes sense to strengthen these suppliers. Better supplier networks deliver more added value and form a strong system. Good supply chains are synchronized not only in the client’s factory but with both the client and supplier factory together. Good supply chains are also constantly optimized to fully utilize the benefits of supplier relationship management.


Day 1

  • Supply chain networks
  • Processes
  • Added value

Day 2

  • Scheduling and control
  • Warehouse and procurement
  • Lean synchronization

Day 3

  • Process optimization
  • Quality
  • Procurement and supplier management

Supply chain management closes the gap between suppliers and clients. Within this training, how to optimize supply chains is taught. Through this knowledge costs can be reduced. Participants are further able to strengthen their competitive position with active  supplier management. Suppliers are thus developed, resulting in strengthened processes!


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